Improving Safety in Burnham Park

The Department of Public Works (DPW) is focused on improving the safety of our streets for people walking, wheeling, biking, taking public transit, and driving across the city, including Burnham Park. There are significant safety concerns on the streets throughout Burnham Park including reckless driving, speeding, dangerous crossings, and crashes resulting in injury and death. Most concerning is the number of crashes concentrated around schools, churches, and parks. This project is 100% locally funded with Stadium Business Park TID Funds.

The Department of Public Works is implementing a project in Burnham Park to make streets safer. This project can include:

  • Reducing motor vehicle speeds;
  • Reducing crashes for all users;
  • Improving the comfort, accessibility, and efficiency for all modes, but in particular people walking, biking, and taking transit;
  • Creating all ages and abilities bikeways to expand the existing network and create new connections;
  • Considering green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) best management practices (BMPs) and other landscaping;
  • Enhancing the streetscape to create a welcoming and vibrant neighborhood that supports existing land uses and spurs additional economic development.

This project includes public involvement, with ongoing conversations with the community to understand people's safety concerns, explore solutions, and advance an exciting vision for sustainable, vibrant, equitable, and connected streets and public spaces that provide choice, safety, comfort, and access for everyone in Milwaukee.

Explore the links below to learn more about the project, get involved, and submit your feedback to the Project Team during design development.

Map of Burnham Park with school and park labels

The Project Area includes the Burnham Park neighborhood between W Greenfield Ave to the north, W Becher St to the south, the border of West Milwaukee to the west, and S Layton Blvd to the east.

Past Public Meeting Materials

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